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24 December 2010

Top amazing Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX EICMA 2010

Top amazing Moto Guzzi Stelvio 1200 NTX EICMA 2010

It all starts from the style, made more modern tank softening volumes and integrating them with the light bodywork, now marked by the regular lines and soft confluent with the dual front headlight. The latter, a distinctive feature of the design of the Stelvio is the only detail inherited from the previous version. I am completely new to the fairing, windshield and fairing with integrated turn signals all contribute to give the front of the Stelvio MY2011 espressone a new, more aggressive and dynamic. It follows an original style but above all, more functional and versatile attributes of this type of models are of particular importance. From an objective point of view the style of the new land brings with it two important advances over the previous version, a more efficient aerodynamic protection with the new screen and battery life almost doubled due to the new tank from the record capacity of 32 liters.
The fresh air that surrounds the new Stelvio is also noticeable from the cockpit of driving, with new graphics and instrumentation with a new fuel gauge of greater scale.
Beating heart of this coach is the cross-cylinder 90 ° V-Series “Quattrovalvole”, the most powerful among the families of engines produced in Mandello Lario’s now reached the peak of its technical / performance.
In this latest release is another important feature low noise and smooth running by working on the electronic management, distribution and cooling. The new integrated ignition and injection control unit uses signals from two hours oxygen sensors to ensure accurate power throughout the combustion cycle, improving throttle response, the payment schemes as well as intermediate consumption and emissions .
Now the engine deliver a maximum torque over 104 Nm delivered at only 5,500 rpm and can easily reach a peak power exceeding 102 hp, all at a maximum speed of almost Automotive, 7000 rpm.
The fund collected by the unanimous consent of the Stelvio cycling has left unchanged the upper twin spar frame, high strength steel, which is joined to the engine in six contact points giving the whole a very high stiffness to torsional moments. Therefore, do not change even the odds cycling, with a steering column for rake angle of 27 ° to 125 mm, 1535 mm wheelbase correct the important guarantees that the impeccable rigor executive who made the reputation of this model. To make an immediate and sharp response to pressure on the handlebars, contributing quality suspension preload is adjustable in response to hydraulic compression and rebound. The front end is dominated by a strong up-side down fork Marzocchi fork with 50 mm and 170 mm of travel, while rear suspension to the cinematic action gradually moved from a Sachs who works on 155 mm stroke . Also confirmed that the list Brembo, dominated, and for which effectiveness in terms of aesthetics, the presence of radial front calipers that bite a new pair of disks in the flange and lightened with a new more powerful braking band in heat dissipation. News on the front wheels, with the appearance of a set of newly designed alloy wheels and unification of the measure 150/70/17 rear, previously the exclusive NTX for the standard version of the Stelvio 1200. Remain available, on request, the wheels assembled with Ber rims and Alpina spokes, standard in the NTX and receive both the new ABS from Continental.
The NTX, version “adventure” of the Stelvio, now shares all the technical features of the basic version and differs from that for robust “shell” that surrounds it, consisting of guard, engine guard, cylinder protection, hand protection and to preserve the full rider and his mount from the dangers of any route.
There are, in a movement dedicated to the great travelers, the aluminum panniers and halogen lamps extra. A lavish budget be increased further by drawing on the catalog of accessories available as options that include, inter alia, the navigator GPS, heated grips, protection to CA.RC (Compact Reactive Shaft).
The new Stelvio 2011 MY will be available from next spring in Black and White Diamond Guzzi NTX while on an original concept will appear in color on a black matte.
Key Features
· New windshield.
· New tank of 32 liters.
· New windshield.
· New seat cover.
* New Custom Moto Guzzi saddlebags.
· New saddle conformation.
· 1200 Twin cylinder 90 ° V “Quattrovalvole”
· Distribution mono-cam head in improved noise control valves.
° spindle cam new profile
· Oil cooler located in the tip.
° Friction single disc.
· New exhaust system.
· Transmission with compact reactive shaft.
· Money 6-speed.
· Euro 3.
· Frame double overhead beam in high-strength steel.
· Front forks 50 mm, and hydraulic preload adjustment with a new set of springs with progressive action.
· Shock with adjustable preload and rebound with a new spring preempted more
° Suspension rear with single progressive swingarm.
· Opposed 4-piston front brakes and new 320mm discs.
· Rear brake 282 mm disc with floating caliper with two parallel pistons.
· 150/70/17 ZR rear tires.
· 110/80/19 ZR front tires.
· New Continental’s latest generation ABS.
• New instrumentation with fuel gauge of greater scale.
· Connections heated grips.
· Connections navigator.
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